Viridian - 40ml


Viridian is a modern classic it is a very stable and powerful, clear blue green. Made from chromium oxide dihydrate. Guignet of Paris patented the process for manufacturing viridian or transparent oxide of chromium in 1859. At the time its excellent permanence and lack of toxicity replaced nearly all other greens as many were highly toxic and unstable, particularly the infamous Emerald green which was so deadly it was used as rat poison as well as paint.

A staple of portrait and landscape painters, if you want a cold, almost acid, green there is no better. It has a very clean appearance due to there being very little red within it. A transparent star of the painting world.

This particular version is very pigment rich, and has certain freshness and zingyness over other varieties I have seen.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PG18

Opacity - Transparent 

Drying Time - Fast

Binder - Linseed Oil 

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Jean Tyrrell
Fab green

Great quality paint!

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