Venetian Rose Flesh - 40ml


A luminous, orange/pink fleshy hue. 

Similar to Florentine Golden Flesh however the clever balancing of pigments creates a warmer and pinker paint, the Cadmium Yellow being replaced with Cadmium Red. It is dense in body and buttery in texture.

So again like it's Florentine cousin it is wonderful for use in warm flesh highlights and soft pinkish light in landscapes. 

The zinc white stops it from becoming too cool or chalky and also permits the transmission of light through the paint, particularly when used as a glaze (not a true glaze more of a veil because of the opaque Cadmiums).

It would be interesting to work with Florentine Golden Flesh and Venetian Rose Flesh together to build form in light areas of flesh.

Technical Overview

Pigments - PR108, PO20, PW4

Drying Time - Average

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Opacity - Semi Opaque


Customer Reviews

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jacqueline Sell

Excellent, pleased I bought both flesh colours, act as a good base to build upon

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