Velvet Rose (Quinacridone) - 40ml


Wham! One to wake you up, as I write this a dollop of the paint is visually vibrating next me on the palette, quite frankly distracting me with the intense, glow emanating from it, almost like a turbo charged Alizarin Crimson but warmer.

It is a mixture of Quinacridone and Arylide pigments, now given the fact Wallace Seymour make paints out of crushed rubies and gemstones from distant parts of the world and rocks from the sides of volcanoes it seems a little unromantic to know these pigments have their background in the car industry. Wait!

Do not dismiss these pigments or this paint, I am utterly convinced all the Impressionists would have used these pigments if available, they are powerful, lightfast, high chroma, and possess rich, deep colour and exhibit an utterly beautiful transparency. It's tints make high chroma, lilac pink hues.

These pigments make truly outstanding oil paint.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR19, PR122

Opacity - Transparent, so wonderfully transparent

Drying time - Medium

Binder - Linseed Oil 



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