Terre Verte - Bohemian Genuine - 40ml


Terre Verte, literally 'green earth'. This version is sourced from the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic which has a long history of providing this pigment and is widely regarded as the best quality available. It is has a higher chroma than all other Terre Vertes I have seen.

In my experience when dealing with earth pigments the quality makes a huge difference in terms of the depth of hue and the subtle shifting visual qualities of an essentially natural product. 

A genuine terre verte is harder to find nowadays as the big paint manufacturers like to pump up it's chroma with artificial pigments ignoring it's subtle nuances.

Classically it has been used as a kind of imprimatura in portraits then glazed over with crimson to give deep fleshy hues.

Treat yourself!

Technical Overview

Pigment - PG23 

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Tinting Power - Low

Binder - Linseed Oil 

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monique verhagen
terre verte bohemian genuine

nice color , high quality of paint. fast delivery
service is great from james .

five stars

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