Tavush Transparent Green - 50ml


Rublev have sourced an exclusive range of pigments from Armenia, this particular one comes from from natural glauconite deposits in the Tavush province of Armenia.

It is one of the most transparent paints I have seen and a very gentle tinter, it's ephermal.

Warm green in masstone, a deep, grassy green.

With the low tint power it's range of tints is quite small, when mixed with with it creates high value, warmish, greeny greys. Again very subtle and gentle.

This is a wonderfully authentic earth paint.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PG23

Opacity -Transparent

Drying Rate - Medium

Binder - Linseed Oil

Tinting Power - Low


Customer Reviews

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Beautiful transparent green

It's amazing how the descriptions on this website are straight to the point. I waited to write my review because I wanted to have time to test this beautiful green by Rublev. It is one of the most suble greens I have seen, very delicate.

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