Spirulina Blue - 20ml


The first and only algae derived oil paint on the planet!

Spirulina, the superfood beloved of celebrities and health aficionados, also has an unbelievable depth of colour and varies from deep greens to deep blues. A picture of it in the wild is opposite.

In masstone this paint is a dark, rich blue. It is pretty transparent and once spread thinly with a palette knife you see this aspect. 

In hue it is not totally disimilar to Cerulean blue, a true blue but leaning visibly towards green.

It is a gentle tinter and not much white is needed before it overwhelmed, however adding white with caution produces really beautiful cool blue tints, delicate and in harmony with the other natural colours in this range.

The spirulina is collected by hand and processed sustainably in small quantites.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Spirulina

Opacity - Transparent

Vehicle - Cold Pressed Single Estate Linseed Oil

Tint Power - Low


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Arne Wellmann
Spiruliba Blue

Only place in the world where you can buy this color I believe - outstanding Service, outstanding product

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