Spike Oil (Lavender Oil) - 118ml


Hard to come by this, and very useful, really can't recommend this enough.

Lavender spike oil is a natural, low-toxic substitute for turpentine. It can be used as a solvent for oil painting and in egg-oil emulsion tempera recipes. Spike oil improves the handling of oil-based paints, because it promotes oxidation instead of simply evaporating like most solvents. A small amount goes a long way and it has a pleasant smell unlike other solvents. It evaporates slower than turpentine, mineral spirits (white spirits) and odorless mineral spirits (OMS).

This spike oil is imported from Spain where it is extracted from spike lavender plant (Lavandula latifolia) and steam distilled to high purity.




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Diego Moratalla

Pleasant and strong smell that will transport you to a lavender field. Avoiding the toxicity of other products such as gamsol or turpentines. Great product and customer service

Cyril Preece
Spike Oil

Never used this product or company before but have to say both are excellent. Trouble free ordering quick delivery and for the artists this Lavender Spike Oil is great to use.

Peter Warley
Excellent substitute for turps

This is an excellent product, my paints can be a little on the buttery side and I find that a few drops of spike oil really aids the flow. Very useful for underpaintings as the spike oil seems to speed up drying time of thin layers quite a bit and usually the next day it will be dry enough for next layer. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is the packaging; you only need a few drops in a painting session and to begin with pouring out a very small amount into a dish or directly on the palette was very tricky and more ran down the side of the bottle than into the dish/palette. I solved this by buying a suitably sized dropper bottle from Amazon just pouring the contents in and it seems to work fine, I wish Rublev would consider selling the oil in this type of bottle. I'm guessing a bottle of this size will last me at least one year of regular painting sessions if not longer.

Laura Jane Nair
Spike oil

I love spike oil (lavender oil) for cleaning brushes, especially where the paint may have dried a bit. Great product!

Barnaby Jackson
Spike Oil

I’m looking forward to cracking open my new bottle of Spike Oil from Supreme Paint Co. very soon.
As usual it was carefully packaged and swiftly mailed to me by the folks at Supreme Paint Co. Thanks to them for their great service!

Tanja Moderscheim
Spike Lavender oil

As a replacement for turpentine, Spike oil is great for setting up your dead layer. To prevent everything smelling of lavender be sure to only work with a couple of ml at a time, as it takes days to get the studio smell-free otherwise. Also best used sparingly with the later, fatter, layers in mind. Great and fast delivery!

Sue E
Spike Lavender oil

Easily ordered, and delivered promptly and well packaged ( recyclable).

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