Pale Drying Oil - 237ml/484ml


Pale Drying Oil is made from well-settled, filtered raw linseed oil made from selected North American flax seeds. The oil is heated in closed kettles with the scientific addition of driers.

In the past, before soluble liquid driers were developed, metallic driers could only be dissolved and thus made effective by reacting the metal salt or oxide (such as litharge or manganese borate) with the oil at high temperature. It was therefore necessary to heat or "boil" the oil, if you wanted an oil that already contained a drier. Our pale drying oil is made by heating raw linseed oil at a low temperature to slightly polymerize it and adding liquid driers.

Pale Drying Oil is fast drying. This is the best way to speed the drying of your oil paint. Add small amounts to your grinding oil when making oil colors or add to tube oil paint to promote faster drying. Add to painting mediums and oil colors to speed drying without the danger of adding excessive amounts of driers. This is a good substitute for "black oil" and driers.

Use turpentine, spike oil or mineral spirits as the solvent for oil painting mediums and for brush and studio clean up.

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