Oxford Ochre - Native Earth - 40ml


Oxford ochre is from the range of Native Earths by Wallace Seymour, which is a wonderful array of unique earth colours.

They are milled to bring out the best of these rare pigments, some are very gritty, some are smooth, some are oily almost liquid and some stand up and are buttery. It is so refreshing to use paint which has such a variety in feel, I have found it surprisingly inspiring, these feel like earth not some homogenous mass made in a factory.

The Oxford Ochre, has the look of a gritty raw Sienna in masstone, however when tinted with white much more yellow comes out, the tints have the look of a soft Yellow Ochre. It stands up well with mixing/tints. It's great!

I really can't describe the difference between using a paint like this against a mass produced Ochre, they are polar opposites. I urge you to try at least one of the Native Earths from this range.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Native Earth/Oxford Ochre

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil 





Customer Reviews

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Clara W
Great earth color with nice texture.

This paint has a very nice, almost sandy texture to it that creates depth that the other similar ochers I own lack. Very pleasant to work with. So far I've only played around with it in landscape painting, but I would assume it might be good for portraits as well.

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