Non-Absorbent Acrylic Ground - White - 500ml


Michael's description;

"After talking to artists and listening to their needs, I have specifically formulated my primer to be non-absorbent. This means artists will no longer be frustrated by the dullness of paint which has had the oil drawn out resulting in a flat, muted looking paint surfaces. Countless numbers of artists have called me over the years asking the question, “Why has my paint gone dull overnight?” My question in return; “Did you paint upon an acrylic primed surface?” The replies have always been, “Yes how did you know?”

Although this product is non-absorbing it will provide a strong bond to the layers of paint applied with just enough tooth so as not to be greasy in feel. The result after painting upon my non-absorbent acrylic primer: oil paint colours that look as though you have just brushed them on to your canvas and a long-lasting support that will not decay over the years!"


Apply 2 coats. The first coat may be applied 25% diluted with water to increase flow and coverage if required. Apply a second coat once the first coat is touch dry (approx.. 1 hour). This product may be applied to linen, wood, MDF and other supports to produce a strong, flexible, permanent, highly pigmented white ground. Suitable for as a ground for both acrylic and oil paint.

May even be applied over inexpensive standard primed canvases to render them non-absorbent!

Do not apply over rabbit skin/hide glue or to unsound supports such as cardboard and flimsy supports.

Customer Reviews

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Sonja Aurelius

this is a really great primer, it does exactly what it promises, dries very fast, creates a perfect tooth, and is quite wonderful to paint on. this primer, and Rublev's Lead Alkyd Ground is all i will be using from now on to prepare my Dibond panels. i am very happy to have discovered James at Supreme Paint - sublime customer-service and fast shipping!

Catrin Treadwell
Excellent ground

On a quest for the prefect painting surface, I've started preparing my own panels. Having experimented with various grounds, this would be my first choice. The problems I've had in the past with the sinking in of oil paint have been more or less eliminated. Easy to apply.

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