Maya Blue - 20ml


Maya blue, invented by the Mayans! Made now by Wallace Seymour!

The Mayans developed new and interesting ways with the Indigo pigment, for example applying different levels of heat to it to create a wide variety of colours and attaching it at a microscopic level to clay particles to stabilize it.

Maya blue in masstone is very dark blue, once white is added to tint it, it makes a wide range of mid blues, to my eye it is like Indigo but a little more neutral in hue and temperature.

Super smooth in consistency, milled in single estate cold pressed linseed oil. Produced by hand using traditional techniques and sustainable methods.

Nothing to do with paint but the picture opposite is an amazing bit of Mayan stone carving!

Technical Overview

Pigment - Natural Indigo

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tint Power - Medium



Customer Reviews

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Enion Salt.
A lightfast Indigo.

Great timing by Wallace Seymour to fill the gap left by Natural Pigments by adding Maya Blue to their great range of oil paints. I very much liked NP’s Maya blue & still have a reasonable amount left and as that’s not available it’s great to have a new version I’d certainly recommend. Another beautiful tube of paint. Thank you Rebecca, Pip & James.

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