Malachite - Genuine - 40ml


Malachite is Copper Carbonate mineral of great beauty, as shown in the image opposite, it is used as the single pigment in this paint.

This paint is truly unique.

In masstone the paint is a gentle, slightly muted light green and has the transparency of a terre verte, the swatch opposite shows it with more chroma than in reality. Under the knife it has a gritty feel and when spread out it shows it's semi-transparent nature.

In tints it can't really stand up against the power of Titanium white, although it is possible to get a narrow range of tints, like a terre verte they are few, but delicious in their subtlety.

This paint is a speciality and will not be in regular use on a palette, however for a gentle green glaze it would be awesome and in combination with some of the other rare mineral paints we sell it would have a great synergy.

Technical Overview

Pigment  - Malachite

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-transparent

Tint power - Low

Drying time - Average

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