Lead Tin Yellow Light - 50ml


Unsurprisingly a lighter version of Lead Tin Yellow dark, the differences though are quite significant this has definite tendencies towards green and can make superb clear light greens when mixed with for example cerulean blue, I can also see it been very useful for cooling flesh tones, as primarily a portrait/figurative painter I am very excited by the prospect of playing with this, I can see it working extremely well in all sorts of flesh scenarios, reflected light, gently warming greys...and if it was good enough for Rembrandt.

Given it's lead based nature it also displays the beautiful handling and vibrancy you would expect, nobody is even near manufacturing a colour like this, it is unique. Rublev's description is as follows;

"Rublev Colours Lead-Tin Yellow Light (Type I) is an opaque lemon yellow, fine grained and medium tinting strength. Our lead-tin yellow is made according to historical recipes.

Although lead-tin yellow frequently occurs in European painting before the eighteenth century, it is not mentioned in older literature on painting techniques. It has been identified in Rembrandt's work such as Belshazzar's Feast (1636/1638). It is calledmassicot in northern European manuscripts, but identified as giallolino or giallorino in Italian manuscripts, as noted by Merrifield."

Technical Overview

Chemical Name: Lead-Tin Oxide (also Lead Stannate)
Chemical Formula: PbO2SnO4


Opacity: Opaque
Tinting Strength: Medium
Drying rate: Fast
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