Lead Tin Yellow Dark - 50ml


Very rare. A very important paint historically, found in frescoes from the 13th Century and then used widely throughout the Renaissance, to such a point it became known as the 'yellow of the old masters'.

The first thing you notice is it is a dense paint, it is exciting to see/feel different textures/densities in paint rather than the modern homegenous, fluffy, buttery, paint.

In masstone the hue is a delightful ocherous, muted, yellow, reasonably high in value for a paint classed as dark. It's colour is highly reminiscent of Titian's and Rembrandt's paintings.

It makes sense, given it's make up, that it is quite similar to Naples yellow in masstone but without the greenish cast. It is a gentle tinter and makes cool, gentle, muted yellows when mixed with white.

Historically accurate, authentic and an inspiration to use.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Lead Tin Oxide (Lead Stannate)

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil

Tinting Strength - Low/Medium

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Heaphy
The Best

Superb quality oil paints, the best thank you.

Enion Salt.
Stunning paint.

Wow, what an amazing tube of paint I love it! I love both the Lead tin yellows but this is my favourite. This is most certainly a colour I wouldn't want to be without & I really can't recommend this enough. It's mass tone is like a straw colour, maybe slightly darker. It mixes beautifully with many other of Rublevs Earths & makes some very interesting greens when mixed with the blues in the range. I'm only just scratching the surface trying to describe this paint as this is one of those special colours where words just can't do justice to the paint. An amazing tube of paint only available from Rublev & Supreme.

Windahl Finnigan
Warm glows

Lovely colour. This is slightly on the warm side and produces nice sunlight glows. Was introduced to this colour by Teresa Oaxaca. This colour handles really well in mixes with a smooth consistency. This a great colour for warm highlights when mixed with a bit of white. It's tinting power is not that strong - about medium - so it won't over power mixes. It can be used to create warm tones on flesh but it really works when painting florals, fabrics and objects bathed in sunlight. Its quite opaque as well so can be dabbed on. This is a beautiful colour and often used as an alternative to Naples Yellow. However as we were painting a still life loaded with flowers both were on the pallet to provide a greater range of yellows and warmer tones.

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