Lead Oil Ground - 237ml


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Natural pigments excel in the knowledge of the technical properties of paint, and like the foundation of a house the ground is the foundation of a painting and you can be reassured you will find no sounder more reliable ground than this. Natural pigments lengthy but very informative description follows;

Rublev Lead Oil Ground is a blend of white pigments and linseed oil for a semi-absorbent ground ideal for oil painting. It dries within two days to one week, depending upon local conditions, such as humidity, light and temperature.

The important characteristics that grounds should have are (1) adhesion, 2) flexibility, 3) penetration control, 4) a type of surface to which upper layers can adhere well, 5) blister and crack resistance, and 6) good application properties. Careful selection of ingredients in an oil ground is essential to impart these qualities to the ground. Ground natural calcite (calcium carbonate) in combination with lead white (basic lead carbonate) and a maximum chalk resistant grade of rutile titanium dioxide have proven to be an excellent choice of pigments in such oil grounds.


We make Rublev Lead Oil Ground #1 using all three white pigments; calcite, lead white and titanium white in just the right proportions to make a film that remains flexible, tough and has some degree of absorbency.

The dry ground calcite we use in Rublev Lead Oil Ground #1 has a closely controlled particle size distribution. This grade of calcite is designed to provide the lowest possible oil absorption. It offers the desired penetration control with maximum chalk resistance. Calcite aids in forming the type of surface on grounds to which upper layers will adhere easily.

Lead white, and to a lesser degree, ground calcite, have low water absorption properties and hence develop better blister and crack resistance. Furthermore, lead white contributes to more film flexibility.

The presence of titanium white increases the opacity of this ground and provides a brilliant white surface. We have selected a grade of titanium white that exhibits good hiding and excellent dispersion properties.

Many manufacturers use zinc white to get a brighter white in their white grounds and paint. Zinc oxide is not recommended in oil grounds, since it tends to cause blistering and cracking in oil paint and grounds -- we have not used any zinc in this product.

After many trials, we have carefully chosen a specific blend of refined and raw linseed oil with heat-bodied linseed oil such that there is a limited penetration of the oil into the canvas or panel to assure good adhesion to this substrate and yet maintain sufficient holdout to establish a good foundation for the upper layers. This blend of linseed oil also provides the best possible leveling properties, so brush and knife marks are minimized.


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Keith Brewer
Rublev Lead Oil Ground

Fast delivery as always and I can't wait to try this one out! Being a Rublev product I have no doubt it will be an excellent product. Top notch service thank you James

Lead oil ground

Outstanding paint and exceptional service. Supreme by name supreme by nature.

Rubén Torres
Rublev lead oil ground

The best oil ground that you can buy, máximum quality. Very fast delivery.
Thank you Supreme Paint!

Mediums Order

Hi James,
Delivery and dispatch where fast even though the Swiss side of things held it for about 3 days (customs). I'm not complaining, I had no import tax or Swiss post handling fees to pay "yipheeee" .
I'm now about to experiment with some of Rublev mediums. I quickly tried the Oleogel yesterday and liked it a lot.
I 'll be back for goodies soon. Thanks for the great service and information.
Regards Dale

Sascha Karschner
Excellent Product

I tried the Rublev Lead Oil Ground and find it to be a perfect product ! Will buy again ! Sascha Karschner

Terry wetherilt
Lead oil primer

You must have a strong foundation and this has got to be one of the best .

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