Italian Raw Umber Green - 50ml


A very dark umber with green undertones and now in this pure, unblended form increasingly hard to find. It functions as almost a neutral 'grey' with real depth caused by the refraction of light all over the place, characteristic of all the earths and caused by their natural organic structure.

It is opaque, with a slight leaning towards green, and produces almost neutral grey tints.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PBr7

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tinting Strength - Good

Customer Reviews

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stephen rose
Rublev Italian raw umber green

Brushes out well, with the most greenish note I've encountered in an Umber. Thins to a dark tobacco/straw colour. Fast drying and quite leathery if used as an impasto

Thorwald Smit
Rublev paints are outstanding!

This is my second purchase, Ceruse White and Italian Raw Umber Green.
These colours are a real pleasure to use and the mixing results are great.
Wonderful paint that will reward you with outstanding results.

Keith Henderson
Excellent service

Whilst I have not had opportunity to make use of the paint I purchased the service afforded me was second to none

Enion Salt.
Wonderful greys.

Another genuine authentic Earth colour that's a pleasure to use. The great neutral greys you can mix, especially with Lead white are fantastic in their depth & sit very nicely with so many other colours. Obviously this is only one avenue to lead you to beautiful greys but it's a good one as the paint does have a very faint greenish cast when thinned or say a touch of yellow is added. Wonderful paint that will reward tinkering & playing adding other colours. I love oil paint & I'm in love with Rublev oil paint.

Beautiful green umber

Rublev’s Italian Raw Umber Green oil paint has a distinctive and beautiful colour – good for conveying a sense of mystery. The handling quality is excellent. I would say its opacity lies between opaque and semi-opaque.

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