Impasto Putty - 237ml


Please be aware to keep the lid on tight when not in use to stop it hardening.

I have been so impressed with Rublev's Impasto Medium it is amazing and compared to Liquin's Impasto Medium there is no comparison! This is another step down in viscosity from the Impasto Medium and if sculptural paint is what you want then this is the ultimate medium. 

Rublev's description - "Impasto Putty is an oil painting medium of finely ground calcite, barite and bentonite in bodied linseed oil. Use it to extend paint without altering the consistency, making oil colors 'short' and buttery for impastos. Stiffer than Impasto Medium this putty makes colors slightly transparent while allowing you to build impasted, thick applications of paint. When added to oil paint, Impasto Putty does not alter its color temperature. It can be thinned with solvent or oil. Depending upon the proportion added to paint, Impasto Putty does not affect the drying time significantly.

Impasto Putty does not contain stearates, solvents, driers or natural or synthetic resins, so it is safe to add to oil paint without the worry of cracking or delaminating."


Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Lovatt
Great products, great service

Really impressed with my new find. I have recommended you on my Instagram stories! @JenniferLovattStudio

Edward Slater

thank you for your impasto putty have not use it yet but l am sure it is great stuff.

Benson Gascon
Great customer service!

Great customer service!

sara reed

Really fast delivery and great service.

nils hartvig johannson

Impasto Putty - 237ml

Elly Horne
A great product

Really excellent service as ordered right over Chrostmas and got it v quickly so big thanks. This is a great product for professional oil painters thoroughly recommend.

nicholas aldridge
Nice impasto

I nice impasto makes nicer Brush marks than other butter impasto but it seems to take longer to dry

Richard Blades
Fantastic product, flawless service

This medium is second to none. Amazing impasto without the use of wax, it makes the paint go further without effecting the colour too much,. As it says in the description, take care to seal the tin as my first tin dried. This is now a key ingredient in my practice and I would highly recommend it to those who like thick and heavy sculptural painting. Service amazing and delivery arrived the next day. Thank you!

Nelson Ferreira
My favourite impasto medium

Oh my, how shall I begin? This is purely the finest impasto medium I have tried (and I've tried pretty much everything in the market from all brands). Forget the publicity stunts of other brands: This is the only one that truly holds high peaks of paint and that easily creates thick lumps, much thicker than the paint itself. It's rheology is perfectly similar to some effects you find in old masters impastoes. Congratulations Rublev for cracking this formula, it's perfect!

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