Hematite - 50ml


A very rich earth, red with massive blue undertones which appear when tinted immediately taking it into the violet spectrum.

This particular hematite is from the USA. 

Red iron oxide or ferric oxide is the principle colouring agent in the natural mineral hematite, which is often associated with varying proportions of other minerals such as clay, chalk and silica.

Natural red oxides, such as hematite, are very opaque, absolutely permanent and have excellent covering power. They are strong absorbers of ultraviolet light.

Technical Overview

Single Pigment: Hematite (Red Iron Oxide)
Colour Index: Pigment Red 102 (77491)
Chemical Name: Natural Iron Oxide
Chemical Formula: Fe2O3
Opacity: Opaque
Tinting Strength: High
Drying rate: Above Average
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