Genuine Blue Verditer - Blue Bice - 40ml


Another rare oil paint you will struggle to find anywhere else!

Blue verditer or bice is the name given to an artificial copper carbonate, it has approximately the same chemical composition as azurite and behaves and looks quite similar to it's colour cousin. This is a very rare and unique paint.

It's hue in masstone is a rich, bright, almost royal blue, the pictured swatch appears somewhat duller than the reality. Thought to be discovered as byproduct of silver refining it is very hard to find nowadays, this particular one is sourced from Nottingham in England.

It will add a cool brightness to mixes and produce wonderful greys on a portrait palette. Gentle in tints, producing bright sky blues. Good lightfastness. 

Very special paint.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB30, Basic Copper Carbonate

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil 

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