Epoxide Oil - 237ml


Another ground breaking painting innovation from Natural Pigments...a non-toxic, faster drying medium without VOC's.


Most oil painting mediums in addition to a drying oil, such as linseed oil, include resins that consist of polymers. Many polymers, however, are in dispersions or are solutions of polymers because they are prepared and used as a part of dispersions or solutions of polymers in organic solvents such as mineral spirits. Most of these oil painting mediums include thermoplastic polymers, such as alkyds, that require the use of organic solvents which often are toxic and/or subject to regulation. Epoxide Oil is a 100% solids oil, that is it does not contain organic solvents, and has properties similar to that of alkyds and hence can be used in place of alkyd painting mediums.

Add a small amount, up to 30%, to oil paint to speed drying, increase gloss, flow out and leveling, hold out and to harden the paint film. Unlike bodied oils, Epoxide Oil will not increase tackiness and drag in oil paint at the same use levels.

Technical Information

Epoxide Oil is a dicyclopentadiene copolymer linseed oil. It is a fast drying oil with good alkali resistance. The copolymer of linseed oil and dicyclopentadiene provides a new vehicle that can be added to paints without volatile organic compounds (VOCs), yet provide low enough viscosities that make it easy to use and apply. Epoxide Oil is a reinforced oil that is excellent in varnishes and paints. Use it in place of natural and synthetic resinous mediums to spAeed up drying and improve film hardness, adhesion, and resistance to alkalies.



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