Crystal White - 50ml


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This really is a unique and fascinating paint, the addition of leaded ground glass creates more visual depth than a 'normal' white. The glass has the same refractive index as oil which makes the paint semi-transparent, unusual for a white and a very useful quality. Lots of body to it as you would expect.

This type of white was used by Rembrandt, the leaded glass has been seen in microscopic analysis of the white paint layers in his work...really I can't think of a better endorsement than that! 

Rublev's description;

Crystal White is a semi-transparent white composed of lead white and leaded crystal glass in walnut oil. The finely powdered glass gives this white novel refractive appearance in mixtures with other colours. It also provides a slight siccative effect."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PW1

Binder - Walnut Oil 

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Drying Time - Above Average

Customer Reviews

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Crystal white

The paint's terrific, you can't really get Rublev anywhere else in the UK, but even if you could I'd still get it from this store! Very quick delivery, unusual in times of pandemic, and my paints were very well packaged, fantastic! Would highly recommend. This white is also a particular favourite, it has the legendary endurance of leaded pigments which the old masters used, alongside the less yellowing walnut oil as binder and the grounded glass for more transparency making for a glazing epic!

John Keates
Very useful

Great for highlights. The transparency enables you to get sublety, and if you pile it up a little it really pings (the light seems to collect from around the place then shoot out at you).

tina wraith
crystal white


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