Co Co Bello - Natural - Painting Solvent/Diluent - 250ml/1litre

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Clean your brushes, thin your paint, make mediums all with no nasty smells or inhaling VOC's. Brilliant!

Wallace Seymour's description;

"Co-Co Bello is a revolutionary plant-based, natural & odourless oil painting solvent. It is an ideal replacement for traditional solvents and thinners such as turpentine, white spirit & alcohol. Unlike traditional oil painting solvents, Co-Co Bello is non-hazardous, non-flammable, and does not require any hazard/dangerous labelling. It really is an amazing product, and is perfect for those who suffer irritation from traditional turpentine, white spirits, etc..."

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Co Co Bello Natural Solvent

One of the best natural solvents I have ever used! No smell and produces a beautiful flow with oil paint. Wallace Seymour have absolutely excellent products! Also amazing fast service from Supreme Paint, as always!!! :D :D

Francetta Bridle
Co Co Bello - Natural - Painting Solvent/Diluent - 250ml

Pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of this solvent! I have used Gamsol, Green and Zest-It previously and found this safer product even better. Waiting to purchase in a larger size when available.

Clara W
Where has this solvent been all my life?

This is a fantastic product. Very effective, and has very little smell to it. Feels so much more pleasant to use than any other solvent I've tried so far.

Barnaby Jackson
Wallace Seymour product via the Supreme pAint Co

I’m looking forward to using my new Co co Bello plant-based “diluent” for oil paints by Wallace Seymour today.

I ordered it online from Supreme pAint Co. who I’m really impressed with. They do what they say they do on the tin so to speak: they sell the very best paints and mediums available today for fine artists.
On top of that, their website is easy to use and efficiency of dispatch is very competitive, which is why I will continue to buy from them.

Vanessa Raw
Great service and products

Love the new Co co Belle. Great alternative to Zest!

monique verhagen

I am very happy to work with coco bello painting solvent/diluent
its a excellent product
service is very good ,

Enion Salt.
Non hazardous.

If you suffer from any lung diseases/conditions then this alternative to distilled turps is excellent and works just as well. Highly recommended.

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