Cadmium Red Light - 50ml


A lighter version of Cadmium Red, the swatch image to me appears bluer than the actual colour which I would describe as a fiery orange red. It is so wonderfully rich and like Rublev's other colours paints long which is as far as I know unique amongst the normally buttery Cadmiums. Maintaining this length with this amount of pigment is quite an achievement, truly beautiful paint. 

I would strongly advise you to try one of these new range of Cadmiums against your normal Cadmium manufacturer and see the difference, it is a dangerous thing to say and something I can't promise but I feel this will help you to paint better such are the exceptional handling qualities and extremely high pigment load.

Technical Overview

Binder - Linseed Oil

Pigment - PR108, Cadmium Sulfoselenide

Drying Time - Medium

Opacity - Opaque

Tinting Strength - High

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