Puisaye Burgundy Red Ochre - 40ml


Burgundy Red Ochre, a reddish brown earth. This is sourced from Burgundy in France, famous for it's wine. Well amongst those vines are veins of glorious ochre about a foot thick and residing deep in the earth. 

Generally mining in this area has been stopped by the government, so this pigment is from old supplies and is very much finite.

It has the feel in masstone of a light burnt umber which leans towards red, in tints with white it stands up well and provides a multitude of coolish flesh hues.

Basically flesh in a tube, one for the portrait painters it will provide an excellent base flesh mix, without too much of the pinkness found in many such earths which can be hard to lower. Some of this and some raw umber and you have a huge range of flesh hues from just two earths, fantastic.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Native Earth/Iron Oxide

Opacity - Semi Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying time - Medium




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Great service, lovely paints

My order was delivered on time. Wallace and Seymour burgundy red ochre is a beautiful paint inconsistency and colour. I am yet to try the flake white. Already looking for new colours!

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