Bright Green Lake - 40ml


A greenish yellow, it is potent with strong tinting power, nearly as powerful as Phthalo green but warmer and fresher. Lovely clarity and light to it.

Michael Harding;

"I made this blend of the organic pigments Arylide Yellow and Phthalo Green to fill the gap previously occupied by the Lead Chromate Greens, long discontinued by manufacturers because of their tendencies to darken or react with other paints. This paint differs from them not only in being a permanent Lake, but also in sheer power. A fruity, shouty, tropical green with exotic undertones, it almost fluoresces on its own, and cuts right into mixes to reveal light sappy yellows."

Technical Overview

Pigment -  PY3 & PG7.

Opacity - Transparent

Average Drying. Very Good Lightfastness. High Oil Content.

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Elizabeth R Buckland
Michael Harding paint

I haven’t used it yet so can’t comment but your service was quick and efficient and will use you again

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