Barite - 50ml


Barite, is in a way similar in function to unbleached titanium dioxide, and gives the painter a comparable level of flexibility, and subtlety. The difference is really in the handling, the walnut oil base gives barite that unique voluptuous and silky quality walnut oil paints have. I love them both, the difference in colour probably lies with the titanium having a slightly warm pinky edge compared to the barite.

Rublev - "Barite is a transparent buff coloured pigment ground in walnut oil. It is ideal for flesh tones where a soft, mixing buff color is needed to tone down whites and other colors.

Barite (baryte) is the natural barium sulfate mineral, other names in literature include 'heavy spar' and 'cawk.' The name comes from the Greek word barys, meaning heavy. The reason for the name is its density, 4.48 g/cm3, which is rather high for a mineral. Barite has an extremely low value of oil absorption and is chemically inert. Barites were one of the most important extender pigments in the 19th century. They were added to reduce the tinting strength of pigments, such as Prussian blue, and to improve the working qualities of a colour."

Technical Overview


Binder: Linseed and Walnut Oil
Common Name: Barite (Baryte)
Colour Index: Pigment White 22
Chemical Name: Barium Sulfate
Chemical Formula: BaSO4
Opacity: Transparent
Hiding Power: Low
Drying Rate: Moderate to Slow
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