Barite - 50ml


Barite is in a way similar in function to unbleached titanium dioxide, and gives the painter a comparable level of subtlety.

It is excellent for toning down/greying other colours and flesh mixes. However maybe most useful is to use it as an additive to take down the coldness and opaqueness of Titanium White.

The walnut oil base gives this Barite paint a unique voluptuous and silky quality. 

Rublev's interesting notes on this pigment;

"Barite is a transparent buff coloured pigment ground in walnut oil. It is the natural barium sulfate mineral, other names in literature include 'heavy spar' and 'cawk.' The name comes from the Greek word barys, meaning heavy. The reason for the name is its density, 4.48 g/cm3, which is rather high for a mineral. Barite has an extremely low value of oil absorption and is chemically inert. Barites were one of the most important extender pigments in the 19th century. They were added to reduce the tinting strength of pigments, such as Prussian blue, and to improve the working qualities of a colour."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PW22

Opacity - Transparent

Binder - Walnut Oil

Drying Time - Moderate/Slow

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Parkinson
Perfect service

The excellent paint arrived the next day, beautifully packaged in a box I will continue to use. Excellent, prompt and personal service. Couldn’t be more delighted to have found this company that provides Rublev in this country.

Chirria Hutchison
Just what I was looking for

Lovely creamy texture with the level of transparency I need for portraits.

Barite White : An Invaluable Minimal Presence

Delivered very quickly as usual by the superb Supreme Paint Company . The Barite White is a colour so transparent and so laden with oil that it allows for very subtle glazing straight from the tube. It can tint flesh tones just enough to homogenize them and doesn't have the cold bluish tinge of some transparent whites. It's the most subtle, barely there colour I've ever used. As a figurative painter I am sure that I will continue to find it invaluable in the latter stages of my paintings.

Nelson Ferreira
Great for subtle pastel tints

Barite does it all: it's one of the very few light colours that still keeps translucency. This makes it much easier to lay subtle colour shifts in the tints, that won't look chalky. It's great for scumbling see-through veils of tints without overthinning the paint. A colour to slowly grow into.

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