Backbarrow Blue - 40ml


Backbarrow Blue was a grade of Ultramarine pigment produced at Backbarrow near Windermere until the 1970s, also known as ‘dolly blue’, this paint paint is made from that exact pigment.

The most luminous ultramarine blue I have ever seen.

It also has that wonderful depth which all well ground Ultramarine pigments have due to it's transparent nature, this particular pigment really bounces back a lot of blue light!

Leaning more towards violet than green on the colour wheel, the violet really vibrates in it when used thickly, as it is spread more thinly it approaches a more middle blue.

The tints when white are added are excellent sky blues, the violet edge really giving that ultraviolet feel of a summer sky. It is smooth in feel and it has high pigment load.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB29

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Tint Power - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Fiona Richmond
Back arrow blue

Backbarrow blue is an incredible ultramarine. Very powerful and vibrant.

stephen rose
Backbarrow blue Ultramarine light.

Closer to Cobalt blue in hue, but with the properties and cost of Ultramarine blue.
Some will miss the dark value of traditional Ultramarine blue, but this has both tinting capacity and beautiful Cobalt colour in mass.

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