Wax Medium (Cold Wax) - 237ml


A blend of naturally bleached beeswax, dammar and odorless mineral spirits in a soft paste. This blend produces a harder film and more shine than wax or wax paste alone. It is a soft paste formulated to make oil colors thicker.

Wax Medium gives a satin finish to colours, yet does not extend the drying time of oil paint, making it thicker and more workable. Add to oil colors as a working medium to add body to paint. When making your own oil colours add wax medium to oil when grinding pigments. The wax helps to give the paint a buttery consistency and guards against oil separating from pigment.

Wax Medium can be used in a cold wax painting technique. To make a cold wax paint moisten pigment with mineral spirits or turpentine to form a paste. Add wax medium to the pigment paste until the desired consistency is reached.

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