Vicenza - Italian White Earth - 40ml


A fascinating paint, a natural earth pigment sourced from Italy.

It's not technically white but in masstone more like a muted raw sienna, almost straw yellow, very gentle in hue but it has substance to it as well. It is a very gentle tinter, and produces delicate grey, biege tints.

I really like the delicacy of this paint, it is subtle but unlike some earths has good body too, it is perfect for the gentle greying of other colours and mixes and will be useful in both portrait work and landscape. This will be going onto my everyday palette.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Natural Earth

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Drying Time - Fast/Medium

Customer Reviews

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stephen rose
Wallace and Seymour Vicenza White earth 40ml

A paint of great subtlety, not strictly a white more like a cool beige. It has handling qualities similar to Calcite, thick in body yet semi- translucent. It modulates other colours. I have found it both useful in landscape and in portrait painting, where it lends a soft, cool transition in shadows.Not an essential pigment, but interesting none the less.

don´tbuy, all mine!

... a sandy beach in a tube - WOW! ..fairly smoothly ground this one, so not overly gritty... very usable and will make a fine natural earth alternative to Rublev´s Barite ... (Swatch was made with Ceruse to the right)

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