Venetian Oil Paint Medium -50ml/150ml


Venetian Medium is an oil-painting medium based on the research that sixteenth century Venetian painters added powdered glass to their paint. Venetian Medium contains leaded crystal glass powder, the palest bodied linseed oil, sun-thickened walnut oil with small amounts of wax, turpentine and lead drier. Spread thinly onto the surface and paint directly into it as a couch or add directly to paint nut. Smooths the edges of brush or knife strokes. Venetian Medium is fast setting and dries to a satin finish.


Spread thinly onto the surface and paint directly into it or mix directly into paint on the palette to give colours a flowing consistency that holds brush strokes yet dries to a satin finish. Use to “oil out” or as a painting couch by rubbing a thin layer onto completely dried paint. Gives paint a longer, flowing consistency.

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Michael O'Sullivan
The perfect medium

Wonderful medium, perfect for applying thin layers without making paint chalky. Also speeds up drying time, which I find a bonus. Product price, shipping and customer service all amazing.

richard meaghan
Great paint, great service, great company!!!

This is my go to medium, it gives my paint that long flowing length that I need and it dries to a satin finish, it keeps my darks dark and as I use the figure in my work I love the idea that the powdered glass adds something to the nature of that transparent, reflective quality in skin.
I often run out of my medium and panic then I email James and it magically arrives the next day, I think via broomstick.

Martin Brown
Venetian white

Really terrific paint. The semi-transparent nature of this paint means you can subtly adjust tone.

Terrific prompt delivery, top service.

Dezso Nagy
Venetian Oil Paint Medium -150ml

very smooth, soft, delicate medium - absolutely happy with it.

Harry Holland


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