Velazquez Medium


Please be aware to keep the lid on tight when not in use to stop it hardening.

This is a great medium, it can make your paint stringy as if lots of lead paint is present. With experimentation it can lead to some really impressive and fascinating painterly effects. It feels to me like you have more control over the paint when using this. This is a 'putty' type medium similar to mediums used in the Renaissance.

Rublev's description;

"Velázquez Medium is an oil painting medium of finely ground calcite in bodied linseed oil. Use it to extend paint and alter its consistency, making oil colours 'long'* for finer detail and impastos. This flowing paste makes colours slightly transparent while allowing you to build impasto, thick applications of paint. When added to oil paint it does not alter the colour temperature. It can be thinned with solvent or oil. Depending upon the proportion added to paint, it does not affect the drying time significantly.

Velázquez Medium does not contain stearates, solvents, driers or natural or synthetic resins, so it is safe to add to oil paint without the worry of cracking or delaminating.

The soft white paste has little affect on colours, making them less opaque and slightly less saturated. Use it to build thick applications of paint."


Mix Velázquez Medium directly into your paint right on the palette.

Velázquez Medium is a great way to add calcite to your own paint. Add Velázquez Medium and linseed oil directly to pigment powder until a stiff paste is obtained (almost the consistency of putty). Grind the paste with a muller on a flat surface before storing in collapsible tube. Some of its properties will be temporarily lost when grinding Velázquez Medium with a muller, but should be restored when allowed to stand.


Customer Reviews

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Brilliant company, delivery speed, and products. Can’t fault.

Jac Saorsa
The Supreme Paint Company

Although it is too soon to comment on the actual product I purchased as I have not had a chance to use much of it as yet, I just want to say how impressed I am with the level of communication and service provided by the Supreme Paint Company. Excellence such as this is a pleasure to discover.

Granville Walker
Velazquez medium

Fabulous glad I found this it makes the paint stringy and is great for impasto just what I’ve been looking for

Supreme Paint Co

Really fast efficient service and friendly knowledgable staff! Highly recommended!

nicholas esch
velazquez medium

love it, exactly what I have been looking for for years!!

Josie White

A useful tool to thicken translucent paint .

Julian Perry
A useful medium

I am enjoying the addition of this medium to my painting kit. It is very similar to simply using stand oil but adds more body giving a stronger identity to each mark. Very glad I was recommended to try it.

stephen rose
Velazquez Medium from Rublev

Calcite, was used by Velazquez and Chardin, two of my absolute favourite painters. This medium adds both body and transparency to the paint, without losing chroma. There is just enough white in it to tint a Ultramarine or Magenta. Calcite medium tends to dry matt. I dislike adding additional mediums to oil paint, but this one does extend the range of my palette. Formerly, I used barite, but I think calcite is subtler.

Very happy! Will definitely use again, first class!

Interesting medium! Great communication, prices and very fast shipping, super impressed to be honest, highly recommend!

Oscar Jin

Velazquez Medium

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