Ultramarine Red - 40ml


What do Red and Blue make? Purple, I would say this hue is a blueish purple or a cool purple or a reddish violet. How is that for confusing! Such is the nature of applying words to subjective opinions about colour.

Simply this is a purple hue, very rich and dark in masstone and providing tints of cool lilacs and violets. It has the semi-transparent (verging on totally transparent) nature of Ultramarine pigments which I personally find very useful.

Ultramarine pigments can be produced to encompass all spectrums of blue from cool to warm. The pigment is sourced from France and has a high level of purity tangible in the paint. 

Techncial Overview

Pigment - PV15

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Drying Time - Fast/Medium

Binder - Linseed Oil 



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Fiona Richmond
Wallace Seymour ultramarine red oil paint

A luscious but surprisingly subtle colour that has a great texture when applying.

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