Ultramarine Pink - 40ml


We are all familiar with Ultramarine Blue, but Ultramarine Pink?

Depending on how it is processed the Ultramarine synthetic pigments can shift from at one end of the scale cool, greenish blues to right at the other end reddish purples.

This paint is a rich, dark, violet in hue. It is a mid-range tinter and semi-transparent, it makes cool blue lilacs in tints.

It has the appearance of a 'greyed' cobalt violet and would sit well alongside gentle pigments like the earths. It would also make an excellent addition to 'sky mixes' where I have always found the addition of a violet to a blue gives somewhat the intensity of a blue sky. 

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR259

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil 

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