Tuscan Red - 50ml


Unusual for Rublev as nearly all their paints are single pigment, however this is based on an historical recipe and contains two pigments and a small amount of gypsum.

It is a cool, red earth with strong blue undertones provided by the alizarin element. It is high chroma and the mix of the earth Hematite pigment and the organic alizarin make it almost vibrate.

It is a strong tinter, and makes a wide range of steps from almost bruised flesh, cool, reddish purple to light, fresh pinks.

Pretty much impossible to mix this on the palette with this level of vibrancy, really quite unusual however I can see how it fills in a gap in the colour wheel which the other earths don't provide. I like it.

Technical Overview

Pigments - PR83, PR101, Terra Alba (Gypsum)

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Opaque



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