Tuscan Red - 50ml


This is a cool, zingy red. It has a very rich, earthy quality however with the undertones of alizarin it almost vibrates. Pretty much impossible to mix this on the palette with this level of vibrancy,and depth, obviously highly suited to flesh tones.

It consists of equal parts by weight of hematite (red iron oxide) and terra alba (calcium carbonate) and a small amount of alizarin. Charles Uebele provided the recipe used, which is 15 parts by weight of alizarin combined with 36 parts by weight each of hematite and terra alba natural minerals and mixed with 15 parts by weight of linseed oil.

Technical Overview

Pigments - PR83, PR101, Terra Alba (Gypsum)

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Opaque



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