Transparent Red Iron Oxide - 50ml

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This has more pigment or power (not sure which) than any other Transparent red oxide I have used.

A dark red brown in masstone, when tinted with white it makes quite powerful orange reds, going further with more white added the tints move into fleshy pinks. This paint has a huge range of tint possiblities.

Also with excellent transparency, enabling more light to be reflected back up through the paint layer, perfect for glowing glazes.

In consistency it is short of buttery, being somewhat looser and paints 'long'.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR101

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Drying time - Medium

Tinting Strength - High

Customer Reviews

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whyn lewis
Quality paint

Transparent red iron oxide has a high tinting strength despite what you would think being that it is transparent. It has very small particles and is a strong and useful pigment. I’ve only needed very small amounts of it so far, and has been useful in glazes which along with the transparent yellow iron oxide from Rublev have been useful additions to my palette. Thanks

Enion Salt.
Amazing power.

My expectations were high after seeing the swatch & reading Jame’s description but I didn’t imagine it would exceed those expectations in such a dramatic way. All Rublev oil paints are brilliant & don’t disappoint but there are quite a few that words simply can’t do justice too & this one Transparent red oxide is one. The pigment load is off the scale & the mass tone & tinted hues you can mix are gorgeous. By far the best I’ve used & I would strongly recommend.

Keith Brewer
Excellent quality paint

This one will not disappoint. Beautiful smooth consistency, long in the brushstroke, the paint seems to shine on the canvas.Thank you Rublev and Supreme Paint, excellent service as always!

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