Translucent Orange-Red Oxide - 40ml


The synthetic oxides from which this paint is derived are a fundamental part of our world present in so much, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, construction (it's the red in red bricks), industrial paints, automotive finishes, plastics and of course artist's paints. Why? Because they are very lightfast, relatively inexpensive and come in wide range of hues. 

They work particularly well in oil paint as they are transparent in nature, allowing glazes and a wider variety of techniques.

In masstone this paint is very much like a standard Transparent Red Oxide, however when mixed with white it is easier to see the subtle differences, where indeed it leans more toward orange, producing luminous fleshy red/pinks.

If you use Transparent Red Oxide for glazing this may well be of interest to you as it is in essence a very similar hue but lighter in value with less chroma, it will be easier to control.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR101

Opacity - Transparent

Binder - Artisan Cold Pressed Linseed Oil 

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