Terre D'Ombre Verdatre - 35ml


A semi-opaque green earth, sourced from Germany where most of the best green earths are found, ground by Francois Schaal in French linseed oil with absolutely no additives.

In masstone a rich, very dark greenish brown, almost mossy, the swatch is pretty accurate.

When tinted with white it brings out a wide range of greenish greys. Good one for the portrait painter.

Quite 'long' in consistency being somewhat looser than some of Francois's other paints.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PBr8

Vehicle - French Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Drying time - Medium/Fast

Customer Reviews

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Karim Hyde-Smith
Great Paint!

I do like Francois Schaal's range of paint. The paint texture is just right for me, not oily, just the pigment and binder, so easy to use from the tube and apply with brush or palette knife. Essentially a greenish umber, the Terre D'Ombre Naturelle is very useful for passages of shadows on portraits or any genre of painting. What I like about it is that it is semi-opaque, which gives it a bit of body, compared to some other greenish umbers, which are semi-transparent. Lovely hue when mixed with white.

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