Scottish Red Granite - Bealach-na-Ba - 40ml


Scottish granite the stuff ancient mountains are made of, one of the strongest rocks, it can survive millions of years of attrition by wind, rain and snow.

Feels good to paint with a material of such substance, it is from the Wallace Seymour range of Native Earths making it totally unique.

In masstone a mid value, reddish, brown, earth with the slightest sparkle I assume from the mica present in granite. Slightly gritty in texture.

In tints with white it produces very good mid-range flesh hues not too warm and not too cool. In my opinion it is preferable to a Venetian type Red or an English Red which always feel too pinky to me. To all the portrait painters I thoroughly recommend trying this.

Technical Overvew

Pigment - Scottish Red Granite, Native Earth

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Medium 


Customer Reviews

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Unique oil paints

A really beautiful colour, with a nice grittiness to it. Will definitely buy again

Michel Ter hark
Great skintones

I now use scottish red for skintones without afding yellow ochre which I normale do When using light red. Perfect for halftones.

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