Rouge de Cadmium No.1 - 35ml


There is an utterly huge range of colours which can be derived from Cadmium, more so than any other metal, all the pigments produced from it are opaque, high chroma and have high tinting strength. 

In masstone this is a Cadmium red middle meaning it sits squarely between orange and purple on the colour wheel, making it most useful in colour mixing being almost a primary red.

It's tints with white are a huge range of warm pinks, it is not as orange as the swatch suggests.

The warm red on most palettes, as with all Francois Schaal's paints this version is just pigment and oil, absolutely no fillers or extenders and a high pigment load.

The result is a very clean, powerful paint, with lovely handling.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR108

Opacity - Opaque

Drying Time - Medium


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