Rare Drawing Materials - Natural Indigo Pieces


A recent addition to our range of rare drawing materials, lumps of Natural Indigo. These are super tactile, a pleasure to hold and produce a strong mark of rich, dark blue.

This is the real deal from India, not an approximation produced by mixing several modern pigments, it is genuine, produced from the plant Indigofera tinctoria (shown opposite).

Indigo has a long, long history and contains some unpleasant moments from the era of the Empire where slave labour was used in it's intensive and unpleasant method of production.

Used in Peru in 4000 BC, mentioned by Pliny the Elder it has passed through human history in fairly constant use until relatively recently when it was replaced by synthetic dyes and pigments.

Two lumps in a 100ml container or 1 lump in a 30ml container.

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