Permanent Orange - 40ml


If you are just starting out in painting and maybe you are confused by the terms warm and cool colours, this is a fine example of a warm one, you could get sunburnt sitting in front of this, a powerful, organic, fruity red-orange that has excellent lightfastness.

It has a similar mass tone (but more transparent) as Cadmium Orange, although it remains brighter in its tint when mixed with white.

A painter cannot mix a secondary colour with the same purity and power of this orange, which means it has value on most painter's palettes. When you use it thinly a rich glowing glaze can be created, bouncing the light back and forth through the top layers.

Technical Overview

Pigment PO 73.

Average Drying. Semi Opaque. Excellent Lightfastness. High Oil Content. High Tint Power


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