Orange Molybdate - 50ml


This paint is unique to Rublev, no one else is making it.

Very high chroma. It's tint power is very high. The volume is at 11 on all dials!

In masstone it is a glowing orange/red and it's tints are luminous, salmon pinks, very beautiful. Added to mixes it is going to bring light into them, particularly good for anything you are trying to render which is bathed in warm light.

It has a wonderful dense body, similar to the way Naples Yellow handles making it very pleasurable to use. Not surprisingly it is opaque and very opaque it is too.

When you have got used to the subtleties and delicacies of the many earth pigment paints Rublev make, then you use this, it is pure vibrant, glowing visual overload, I am utterly shocked, in a good way!

See the reviews below!

Technical Overview 

Pigment - PR104

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Opacity - Opaque

Drying Time - Moderate

Customer Reviews

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Nelson Ferreira
What a unique pigment!

This colour is absolutely gorgeous! It's opacity and brightness are outstanding. The pigment is so heavy and lush that it's hard to describe: it must be experienced.
Usually all oil colour brushes can be simply washed with soap and water, to avoid thinners. Orange Molybdate is an exception. Even strong soap will not remove it effectively. I suggest you first clean as much as possible with soap and water, dry the brush on tissue paper, apply a drop of a thinner such as turpenoid on the bristles and wash again with soap and water. The drop of turpenoid will allow the soap to breakthrough the orange and wash the brush to perfection.

Enion Salt.
Intense orange.

This is one of my favourite colours as it's very intense & bright. It leans towards red but is still obviously orange & the lead content makes this really stand out on its own. It's a very strong tinter & is very opaque with great covering power. I really can't recommend this enough it's a stunning tube of paint & much brighter than any Cadmium orange I've used.

Bente de Grey-Hall
Best buy

I have totally fallen in love with Rublev oils. This particular colour, Orange Molybdate is gorgeous. Would be difficult to mix this colour. Love it!

Quality for an affordable price!

I bought this for my son, who's a freelance artist in Sri Lanka. He trust that these are good quality paints, which he could use for a long time as they come in 50ml tubes. The customers service was excellent!

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