Orange Molybdate - 50ml

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Crikey! Get your sunglasses out, this paint blasts those orange red electromagnetic wavelengths right back at you!  I have never seen a brighter, richer orange, leans towards red, with weirdly almost a coolish feel.

This has more eye catching power than cadmium orange, and it is only produced by Rublev.

Rublev - "Orange molybdate is a brilliant orange pigment made by coprecipitation of lead chromate and lead molybdate often in the presence of lead sulfate and used in plastics, protective coatings and printing inks. Molybdate orange has been widely used in coatings and plastics for many decades during the 20th century because of its bright color and high hiding power. Its use in coatings and plastics today is currently restricted in several countries due to the lead and chromium VI content in its composition. Orange molybdate had a brief history of use by artists for several decades in the last century.

This is the first time it is being reintroduced as an artists' oil color and is now available exclusively from Natural Pigments.

Orange Molybdate is opaque, strongly tinting orange. Its hue is reddish orange, deeper red than minium (red lead) and has a pleasing slightly ropey consistency in oil."

Technical Overview 

Single Pigment: Orange Molybdate
Colour Index: Pigment Red 104/77629
Chemical Name: Lead Chromate, Molybdate, Lead Sulfate
Chemical Formula: PbCrO4.PbMoO4.PbSO4
Lightfastness (1-8): 7
Opacity: Opaque
Tinting Strength: High
Drying Rate: Moderate
Oil Absorption: 27 ml oil/100 grams pigment
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