Moughton Whetstone - Hand Dug - Native Earth - 40ml


From the range of Native Earths by Wallace Seymour, this is yet again totally unique and very special. It is hand dug close to where they are based in Yorkshire, England, crushed, washed and ground with oil into paint while maintaining the texture of the pigment.

Real, authentic, paint.

Moughton Whetstone is an unusual and beautiful rock (see the image opposite). It is banded with Iron Oxide caused by the rhythmic precipitation of the iron through the rock, although the process causing these beautiful patterns in not fully understood. Iron oxide is fundamental in so much paint, so not surprisingly this rock produces a delightful hue and excellent oil paint.

It's hue is like a very slightly greyed Raw Sienna, brownish yellow with a semi-transparent opacity (to me the swatch appears much browner than the reality). You can feel the pigment in the paint under the knife and on the canvas, making it tactile and the paint feels so much more 'alive'. Like most earths it is a gentle tinter.

Given the work involved and the quality of the final product this paint represents excellent value.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Iron oxide/Moughton Whetstone

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil 



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