Mixing White - 50ml


A non-lead white from Rublev.

I like this very much, it has the 'length' of Rublev paints meaning it produces a long brushstroke, rather than a buttery, tight paint which produces a short brushstroke.

It is slightly warmer than a standard Titanium white and a less powerful tinter, meaning you have much greater control over your tints, as we all know pure Titanium white can be hard to manage.

Finally it is semi-opaque, which again in contrast to a normal Titanium provides an opportunity to get away from the 'flat opaqueness' of Titanium white, also giving it a better relationship with earth pigments.


Technical Overview

Pigment - PW6 & PW22

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Tint Power - Medium


Customer Reviews

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Catrin Treadwell
A useful addition

Part of my lockdown painting time has been spent experimenting with Rublev whites. I find this Mixing White very useful. It's not as brutal as Titanium White which I avoid. James is quite right. it enables greater control when mixing tints.

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