Manganese Blue - Genuine - 1980's - 20ml


Manganese blue is almost an urban myth among painters, revered for it's beauty and transparency

It's production was ceased in the 1980's, sometimes very small amounts become available from old stocks and it is made into oil paint (this particular batch was sourced from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK).

Recently a new producer of thi rare pigment has emerged, but it doesn't capture quite as much vibrancy as this older pigment.

So why is it special? It's hue and it's transparency are unavailable in any other pigment/paint, it is a wonderfully luminous and intense, icy blue. A paint of light and air would be a poetic way to describe it, the second image on the left shows this aspect the best.

In masstone it is a luminous, rich, deep blue, it's real beauty is exhibited when brushed out thinly and then it really comes alive showing wonderful transparent cool blues. It maintains these qualities in mixes and doesn't overpower like a transparent phthalocyanine would.

It is a mid power tinter, and when mixed with white you can get sky blues like I haven't seen with any other oil paint. It is ground in Walnut Oil to slow it's drying somewhat and maintain it's crispy icyness, although it still dries pretty quickly. Please be aware it needs careful handling and good studio practice due to it's toxicity. 

A utterly overused word nowadays, but this is awesome in the true sense!

Please note this a 20ml tube.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB33/Manganese Blue

Binder - Walnut Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Drying Time - Fast





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Wonderful colour manganese blue
On a par with Lapis.
Incredible paint!
Rare Manganese Blue Oil Paint
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