Genuine - Manganese Blue - 20ml


Manganese blue is almost an urban myth among painters, revered for it's beauty and transparency

It's production was ceased in the 1980's, sometimes very small amounts become available from old stocks and it is made into oil paint (this particular batch was sourced from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK).

So why is it special? It's hue and transparency are unavailable in any other pigment/paint, it is a wonderfully luminous, intense, icy blue. A paint of light and air would be a poetic way to describe it, the second image on the left shows this aspect the best.

In masstone it is a luminous, rich, deep blue, it's real beauty is exhibited when brushed out thinly and then it really comes alive showing wonderful transparent cool blues. It maintains these qualities in mixes and doesn't overpower like a transparent phthalocyanine would.

It is a mid power tinter, and when mixed with white you can get sky blues like I haven't seen with any other oil paint. It is ground in Walnut Oil to slow its drying somewhat and to maintain its crispy icyness, although it still dries pretty quickly. Please be aware it needs careful handling and good studio practice due to its toxicity. 

A utterly overused word nowadays, but this is awesome in the true sense!

Please note this a 20ml tube.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB33/Manganese Blue

Binder - Walnut Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Drying Time - Fast





Customer Reviews

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Incredible Colour & Amazing Service!

Such a beautiful colour, and when swatched with titanium white creates a beautiful array of tropical ocean, sky-blue and when very little is added; delicate upper atmosphere cloudy sky. The handling, like with most Wallace Seymour has a slight amount of texture, only noticeable when not mixed. I personally love the texture. The service I got was also amazing! James found postage to New Zealand in record time, packaged everything with great attention to detail and was overall very pleasant. Thank you James :)

Wonderful colour manganese blue

Firstly I have to say what great service I had from this company. They were very quick and efficient at sending out my order which was well packed in recyclable packaging (which I keep for various uses). I have not used their paints before so I have only ordered one colour, manganese blue, and I have to say it is fabulous not just the colour but the consistency which flows so well without using a medium but likewise it is wonderful for glazing. I love blues and this has become my favourite. Thank you James. I would certainly buy again from this company.

Enion Salt.
On a par with Lapis.

As with the Lapis lazuli from WS this rare paint is amazing for glazing. I've been using this for glazing some of my landscape paintings along with the Lapis & the combination of the two, whether alternating between each pigment, or mixing them to achieve the ideal hue you require there really are no better blues. As I've said in my Lapis review I wouldn't want to be without either. Very highly recommended & once again thank you Wallace Seymour & James for stocking them. Fabulous paint.

O.P. van der Linden
Incredible paint!

Its a bit oily but matches my old W&N manganese exactly! I’m so glad to have new tubes! The hues they sell are no replacement and the Old holland Pb 33 is really not the same, so this old stock is precious.Hope someone will take this pigment - the real one- in production again before my purchase runs out....

As always fast shipping and sustainable packaging. Thank you James!

Stephanie Herbert
Rare Manganese Blue Oil Paint

I haven't used this yet - but it's exciting to have this now-rare oil colour. I didn't use it in the 1980s so I want to research its use and the artists who used it, maybe to experiment a little....
As always the transaction with The Supreme Paint Company was impressive: website easy to use, delivery prompt, lovely packaging - a sturdy recyclable box (I keep the boxes and use them to sort my colours). Thank you James!

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