Magenta - 40ml


A descendent of the aniline dyes developed in the 1850's which fundamentally changed the colour producing industries, enabling powerful and stable pigments on demand, which is a fascinating story however for now back to Magenta...

This uses Quinacridone, a very lightfast pigment, with strong bluish overtones which shine through if it is used as a glaze. When made into tints with white it presents a wonderful range of decadent, strong cool pinks that evoke rich satins.

When added 50/50 to Ultramarine Blue, the results are a spectacular range of violets, which have an almost stained-glass quality. In mixes with yellow lakes, the results are a range of diaphanous, ambivalent pinks.

Technical Overview

Pigment PR 122.

Average Drying. Transparent. Excellent Lightfastness. High Oil Content.

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Angela Hall
First time user

Lovely colour of paint arrived quickly. Good quality oil paint.

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