Magenta - 40ml


A descendent of the aniline dyes developed in the 1850's which fundamentally changed the colour 'industry', producing powerful and stable pigments on demand, which is a fascinating story however for now back to Magenta...

 This uses Quinacridone, a very lightfast pigment, with strong bluish overtones which shine through if it is used as a glaze. When made into hues it presents a wonderful range of decadent, strong cool pinks which evoke rich satins.

When added 50/50 to Ultramarine the results are a spectacular range of violets, which, when hued themselves, have an almost stain-glass quality. In mixes with yellow lakes the results are ranges of diaphanous, ambivalent pinks marvellous in certain flesh painting.

Technical Overview

Pigment PR 122.

Average Drying. Transparent. Excellent Lightfastness. High Oil Content.

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