Lemon Ochre - 50ml


A fine grained yellow ochre from Northern Italy, this is my favourite Rublev yellow earth.

It has good body and stands up firm on the palette, in masstone it is the classic yellow ochre colour, a slightly mustardy, yellow, brown. When applied thinly to use it's transparent qualities it produces luminous, rich, deep, mid-value yellows almost the hue of a dark Naples yellow.

In reality the swatch image on the tube picture is more accurate than the main swatch.

It is a medium tinter and it tints are gentle yellow/biege hues with just a touch of leaning to green, but not so much as to cool it. Indeed it's tints are a range of earthy lemon yellows (hence the name).

Really good paint, authentic and a pleasure to use particularly the way it handles.

Technical Overview 

Pigment - PY43

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Tinting Strength - Low

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Drying Rate - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Bastin
Rublev, Lemon Ochre

Using this pigment you can begin to understand how Rembrandt wrought gold from yellow ochre.

Kaveh Afzali
superb Service

Supreme paint and Superb service!Many thanks too you for making these beautiful paints available.Delivery was fast and the paint was packaged in a strong felted box.Real care and attention had been out into my order.Well done Supreme Paint you live up to your title.Respect to you.I will definitely be ordering again from you again.

stephen rose
Lemon ochre 50ml Rublev

This colour has become indispensable to me.I usually like a lighter ochre , but this has the advantage of a distinctly lemon tone and handling qualities that bridges the gap between yellow ochre and raw sienna. Rublev are among the very best artisan paint manufacturers.

Rublev Lemon Ochre

Another beautiful colour by Rublev.

Enion Salt.
Beautiful paint.

This is another wonderful yellow earth that could be an alternative to yellow ochre. Tinted with flake white adds that beautiful almost luminous quality you can achieve with lead based paints while adding strength to the paint film. Also those earthy Lemon shades show through when tinted, this is another gem from Rublev & like every other colour I've used outstanding. Highly recommended!

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