Lead White No.1 - Flake White - 50ml

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This is special paint used throughout the history of painting until very recently, many of the great works of art would not have been possible without it's unique qualities, from Titian to Freud.

It is made with flakes (hence flake white) of Lead Carbonate produced by stacking sheets of lead over a strong alkaline substance. These flakes when ground in oil have an irregular particle size leading to greater light refraction and a luminescence which is particular to genuine Flake White. 

After using Titanium white it will take a slight adjustment as it doesn't have the crazy tinting power of Titanium White and it is considerably warmer. It also has the wonderful thick but soft body it is renowned for. This version is ground in Linseed Oil.

As it is lead paint it should be treated with respect, and sensible studio practice should be maintained (don't let it near children, wear gloves, don't eat and use it, don't wipe onto clothes) 

Rublev; "It is an opaque white that is smooth and brushes long in the direction of the brushstroke. The consistency straight out of the tube is creamy, slightly ropey yet retains its shape as you manipulate it while being soft yet sculptural".

Technical Overview

Pigment - PW1

Opacity - Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil 

Drying TIme - Fast

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Niall Stevenson
Paint Order

Excellent service; promptly delivered and impeccably packaged.

Sarah Thompson
Supreme service

Thank you for your speedy delivery service - you have not let me down once since I started ordering from you. I know I can trust you to deliver within two days which is great. Many thanks again.

Laura Jane Nair
Highest Quality and Quick to the Door

I want to thank. James for all his help in getting paints and medium from Supreme Paint. This is a quality shop and it shows in your paintings! The paint is a joy to work with! This shop is committed to quality!

Dezso Nagy
Lead White No.1 - Flake White

I used to use student grade oil paint and now it is a very big step for me to have Rublev paint - to become a better painter and also a happier one!
thanks a lot Supreme Paint, greetings from Hungary! :)

michelle Hammett

Execellent product and service

Supreme Paint

I've got nothing but good things to say about Supreme Paint. I couldn't work without their services, and they are the most reliable and dedicated distributor I have used.

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