Lead White No.1 - Flake White - 50ml



This paint is probably completely unique, there are other Lead Whites available but this is made in the same manner in which Flake White was made in the Renaissance and I know of nobody else who is producing it this way (it does not contain zinc either).

It is not just of historical importance the bottom line is this makes a better paint, it is made with flakes (hence flake white) of Lead Carbonate produced by stacking sheets of lead over a strong alkaline substance. These flakes when ground in oil have an irregular particle size leading to greater light refraction and a luminescence which is particular to genuine Flake White. Nowadays the few remaining Lead Whites are generally made with powdered, industrially produced Lead Carbonate from China and this essential characteristic of Flake White is lost. This paint is the real thing.

It is a subtle beast and after using Titanium white it will take a slight adjustment as it doesn't have the crazy tinting power of Titanium White, but the rewards are there and the effects the great masters of painting have achieved are there for the taking.

As it is lead paint it should be treated with respect, and sensible studio practice should be maintained (don't let it near children, wear gloves, don't eat and use it, don't wipe onto clothes) 

Rublev; "It is an opaque white that is smooth and brushes long in the direction of the brushstroke. The consistency straight out of the tube is creamy, slightly ropey yet retains its shape as you manipulate it while being soft yet sculptural".


Technical Overview


Colour Index: Pigment White 1 (77597)
Chemical Name: Basic Lead Carbonate
Chemical Formula: 2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2
ASTM Lightfastness: I
Opacity: Opaque
Hiding Power: Moderately High
Drying Rate: Fast





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