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Rublev Lead Alkyd Ground is a blend of white pigments in alkyd for a semi-absorbent ground ideal for oil and alkyd painting. It is formulated specifically for priming non-absorbent rigid supports, such as ACM or copper, but can also be used on absorbent rigid supports, such as solid wood or hardboard or canvas mounted on rigidi supports. It is not recommended for flexible supports, such as stretched canvas. It typically dries within eight hours.

It has a high concentration of pigments so usually only two coats are necessary, but more coats create a smoother, less absorbent surface. Apply directly onto ACM or copper panels with the recommended preparation below, or onto wood surfaces sized with acrylic dispersions, polyvinyl acetate (PVA) or Conservar Isolating/Finishing Varnish. It is an excellent foundation for oil and alkyd paints.

It is made using all three white pigments; calcite, lead white and titanium white in just the right proportions to make a film that remains flexible, tough and has some degree of absorbency.

The dry ground calcite used has a closely controlled particle size distribution. This grade of calcite is designed to provide the lowest possible oil absorption. It offers the desired penetration control with maximum chalk resistance. Calcite aids in forming the type of surface on grounds to which upper layers will adhere easily.

Lead white, and to a lesser degree, ground calcite, have low water absorption properties and hence develop better blister and crack resistance. Furthermore, lead white contributes to more film flexibility.

The presence of titanium white increases the opacity of this ground and provides a brilliant white surface. We have selected a grade of titanium white that exhibits good hiding and excellent dispersion properties.

Many manufacturers use zinc white (zinc oxide) to get a brighter white in their grounds and paint. Zinc oxide is not recommended in oil grounds, since it tends to cause blistering and cracking in oil paint and grounds—we have not used any zinc in this product

After many trials, we have carefully chosen a specific alkyd such that there is a limited penetration of oil into the panel to assure good adhesion to this substrate and yet maintain sufficient holdout to establish a good foundation for the upper layers. This alkyd also provides the best possible leveling properties, so brush and knife marks are minimized.

As part of the vehicle, Rublev Lead Alkyd Ground contains mineral spirits to provide the right fluid consistency and to hasten drying.


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