Kishorn Pink - Native Earth - Unique - 40ml


Is this the most delicate oil colour available? I suspect so.

The pigment is derived from hand dug rock found in Kishorn, Scotland. The pigment/paint is unique to Wallace Seymour and part of their Native Earth range. The quarry in Kishorn is quite something in itself basically adjacent to the sea (see photo on left) from it they mined Torridonian Sandstone.

In masstone straight from the tube the hue is a mid-brown, as soon as you brush it out it kind of disappears and produces a very gentle, dusty, sandy, pink. It feels thin and gritty in texture.

It has a low tinting power, but it is possible to create light almost lilac tints when used judiciously with white. This is slightly odd because the warmish, sandy, pinks seem to transform hue to cool, lilacs I can only attribute this to the cooling action of the white on such a delicate hue.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Native Earth, Torridonian Sandstone

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Medium




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